Spring Fic Exchange: "Dean and the Deathly Hallows" for boysinperil


Title: Dean and the Deathly Hallows
Author: lolaann1
Artist: candygramme
Recipient: boysinperil
Summary: Thanks to Sam bringing a cat into the Bat Cave, Dean ends up dead before his time. Death agrees to bring him back, but insists he clean up the cat’s mess by himself. For the prompt:
Anything with Dean, Death, and Tessa.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Death, Tessa, feline OC
Genre: Gen, Humor
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Warnings/Spoilers: This is S8, Bat Cave fic, but there are no real plot spoilers.
Wordcount: ~2,900

BIG thanks to mamapranayama for betaing and to cappy712 for agreeing to look over my final copy. I’m so full of stupid mistakes these days and a second (or third) pair of eyes is so helpful. Any remaining errors are my own.

Be sure to give love to candygramme for the wonderful art. I couldn’t decide which banner I liked best, so I used them all J

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Anybody Care to Beta?

I'm done with my Spring Fic Exchange story, but I'm not happy with it.  I feel so crappy that I can't tell if anything I write is funny or even any good. Yes, I am a pathetic whiner.  It would be a bonus if the person reading was a Harry Potter fan.  The story is gen and a little less than 3K.  My story is due to be posted on May 11, so there's not a whole lot of time :(  I wouldn't expect anything too in-depth though.  Mostly, I just want someone to make sure I didn't make any huge mistakes and point out any glaring issues.  Suggestions are much appreciated as well.

Migraine Study - Thought I'd Share

Anyone who has migraines or lives with a sufferer should check this out. It didn't tell me anything I didn't already know or offer any new hope (sadly), but it was very nice to feel like my experience was not unique. Sometimes I feel like a total freak for having all these inexplicable headaches. I could identify with every single slide in this. Here's a link to the full article:


Revised My Very First Story... and other rantings and ramblings

Unfortunately, I've felt like warmed-over crap since Christmas.  After a ton of tests last week, my doctor's office just called today to tell me to go pick up a 14-day round of antibiotics.  Hooray! That's the 3rd round of antibiotics I've been on this year.  So, yeah, sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Anyway, it's probably not surprising that my muse is pretty darn sick and tired, too.  I have really missed writing, though. So, so much.  I've found I'm so much happier and more content in general when I have something to write.  Why I didn't take this hobby up years ago is a mystery to me.  I suppose I was always too chicken before.

The main point of this ramble is that I went back and edited my first story ever, Grand Canyon.  It's a Buffy/SPN crossover I wrote in 2011.  If you've never gone back and looked at your first story, I recommend it as a writing exercise.  It is definitely a humbling experience, but one I think will ultimately help me be a better writer in the long run.  I forced myself to only give it one pass (which was VERY hard for me. I can get compulsive.).  I could have gotten lost for weeks and weeks cleaning up sins I didn't even know I was committing at the time.  But, I have new stories (and more literary sins, no doubt) that I wish to write and I decided I'd just stick to fixing a few of the basics.  Hello epithet abuse, overuse of italics, and a disturbing issue with commas.  I still have an issue with commas, I think.  It's like sometimes I want to go crazy with them and, other times, I don't use them when I should. *shrugs*

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Has Anyone Out There Had Lasik Eye Surgery?

I'm considering it, because I am SO near sighted and every year (as I get blinder) my eye doctor keeps harping about how I'm a good candidate.  I am at the point now where my contact lenses are 'undercorrected' for distance vision because he is afraid that if he gives me the stronger prescription, I will start experiencing too much eye strain seeing up close.  Since my job is to sit in front of a computer all day, that would not be a good thing.  But  the undercorrection is starting to catch up with  me. Today, my co-worker kept asking me to look at his laptop screen, which was maybe 2 feet away and I couldn't see it without squinting and struggling :P  After an entire day of that, I have a migraine.   Therefore, I am at the point of going for the lasic even though I would rather not wipe out my entire savings just to have my eyes fixed (I can think of so many more fun things to spend $ on).  Heck, with that kind of dough I could finally get out of my A-cups  or something fun like that... Lolz (just joking, don't think I'd ever go there).

Anyway, the point of this migraine meds induced ramble is:  Has anyone had lasic or know people who are close to them who have had it?  I've asked my FB friends as well.  I'd just like to get some RL stories/opinions on it.       

Good News for My Upcoming Big Bang Fic? Bad News? ARGH!! I'm so neurotic.

I have signed up for my first big bang, the Supernatural Crossover Big Bang.   I pretty much assumed that maybe 2 or 3 people would read my fic since it is kind of an obscure crossover.  I had planned to do a crossover with the Dean Koontz' character Odd Thomas.   My plan was to do pre-book series, because I didn't want to completely spoil the books for those who hadn't read them.  I was going to write it from Odd's POV, so that it read like an SPN outsider POV story and the reader wouldn't have to have read the books. My greatest wish was that I would do a decent enough job with Odd that a reader unfamiliar with the character may like him enough to want to read the books. Plus, I love Odd's hometown and his friends there and wanted to set my story pre-book 1, so that all the characters would still be alive and well  (that's all I'm gonna say about that).

So, anyhow.  I was trying to decide on where to set my story in the SPN timeline. I did a google search today to see when the first Odd Thomas book was published ... my Kindle version has no publish date :-/.   This is what I discovered.   Odd Thomas is coming to theaters April 5.   Crap?  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  I've wanted a movie, but not sure I want one right now.  Not while I'll still be in the middle of writing a big bang fic.  It will raise the profile of the crossover character and possibly draw more readers, but what if they screw the pooch on the movie?  What if that Odd is totally different from book Odd?  I'm currently re-reading the first book (which is what the movie is based on) just so I can get Odd right.   Come April 5th, I should be well into the story and I'm not sure if I should even see the movie.  What if they change a lot of his back story.  What if there's no ghost!Elvis? Come on, there HAS to be a ghost!Elvis.  But I looked at the cast list and no one is listed as playing Elvis. This is really throwing a wrench in things!! URGH!!  Yes this is a ramble, but I don't know what to do.  I'm almost tempted to chicken out due to these extenuating circumstances.  I fail see why Hollywood did not check with me first.


This is another of my self-accountability posts that will be here to cruelly mock and taunt me if I don't follow through. Negative reinforcement - I respond to it.

I finally signed up for a big bang, something I've always wanted to do. So, decided I may as well bite the bullet... and boy and am I biting an obscure one. My plan is to do a cross of Dean Koontz' Odd Thomas series and SPN. Obviously it would most likely be a ghost story. I plan to write it from Odd's POV and do it pre-book series. That way it could easily read as a standard outsider POV story for those not familiar with the character and not spoil the books as a bonus. But DAMN I'm going to have to get Oddie's voice down and his is nearly as unique and loveable as Dean's. Crap! I really need to get to re-reading the first book. Any fans out there?

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